Monday, February 14, 2011

Monster Skills Monday

Apologies for the few weeks break in skills posts but we're back with kicking!

The Grubber
Despite the fact that Jeremy Guscott is wearing wellies (!) this is a very good video (what else would you expect from the BBC) about grubber kicks which also demonstrates a good way to practise them and improve accuracy...

The original of this video can be found here:

The Spiral
Though this doesn't show an actual demo it does talk through how to execute a spiral kick very well. It also starts you thinking about where on the ball you should be making contact with your foot for where you want it to go and how you should hold the ball. This important not just for spiral kicks but for all types of kicks so it's well worth having a think about and trying out your own ideas to see the results.

Kicking Games
This last one is for Fitzer who always claims kickers can make a ball bounce up where and how they want! The curl on some of these is amazing and it's all from the positioning of the ball and the spot on the ball that's kicked. Also love the idea of having some games/competitions after kicking practice to make it a bit more fun!

Thanks to the Beeb and for all of these helpful videos! Now get practicing!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Ireland Women's Home Match

Congrats to Dougie for getting her very first cap for Ireland at the weekend! She has again been named on the bench for this Friday nights clash with France at Ashbourne RFC.
Head along and support the girls in green and St. Mary's player Gill 'Dougie' Nolan.

Jamie and the black stuff
Just couldn't help putting this in! Althought the video itself is very staged the stats are awesome and nobody would doubt them having seen what Jamie puts his body through. Definitely turning into another talismanic player and leader ala O'Driscoll. Roll on Sunday and him and O'Brien together in the backrow!